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Aquador 22 Cabin PDF.pdf
Aquador 22 Cabin PDF.pdf
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Aquador 27HT Owner's Manual.pdf
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Company Owner: Bella Veneet OY

Country: Finland

Company website:


Description: Boats and yachts Aquador - Scandinavian heritage.

The legendary Finnish manufacturer, which quickly and long gained popularity both in Finland and in Europe, has been part of the Bella Veneet OY concern since 2000.

It was the intention to bring to the world market a new name for high-quality vessels that meet all European requirements and combine Scandinavian security traditions led to the merger. And this goal has been successfully achieved.


The strength, reliability and practicality of Aquador yachts allowed the manufacturer to confidently occupy its niche in the marine market and earn the love of many shipowners who value a combination of comfort and reliability.


The same fact allows you not to spray on an impressive lineup - there are not many models in the lineup, but each of them meets the most stringent Scandinavian requirements and has a European CE certificate. You can hardly imagine a light Italian brand in the harsh Baltic conditions, and the “Aquadors”, easily recognizable by their blue sides, can cope with storms with confidence.


The safety of boats is ensured by the thoughtfulness of every detail - a strong high side, teak finish (including wide side walkways like walk around), solid powerful rails - everything from the deep V hull to unique sliding doors speaks of a serious approach .

To date, the Aquador range is 16 boats of various types. The dynamic shape of the case of each model is very harmoniously combined with a slight conservatism - nevertheless, a Nordic origin can be traced.



Paying great attention to reliability, the company does not forget about the comfort of everyone who is on board and creates coziness and convenience inside the yachts regardless of their size.

Aquador boats owners manual


  • WalkAround Series: Includes models with wide side walkways from 21 to 25 feet long and is abbreviated as WA. 21 foot model is equipped with one outboard engine;
  • DayCruisers series: DC abbreviation, designed for short weekend trips, models from 23 to 30 feet, stationary engine;
  • Series HardTop: motor yachts with a rigid roof and a stationary engine with a length of 23 to 35 feet, the abbreviation HT;
  • Cubin Series: yachts from 22 to 35 feet, great for long trips, are abbreviated as C;
  • Sport-Top Series: 30 and 35-foot boats (new 2013) with a unique opening for sunroofs that slide along the entire length of the stylish roof. powerful and prestigious model ST 35 - the flagship of the Aquador line.
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    Alois Wagenlechner (Tuesday, 16 July 2024 09:01)

    hello. i am a new owner of an Aquador 21 WA. and need a user manual for it.
    could you send it to me.
    best regards

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    Marie Cussen (Monday, 28 August 2023 16:05)

    Is it possible to get a manual for an Aquador 25C

    Many thanks.

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    Kenneth Ilvall (Monday, 24 April 2023 15:07)

    Hi, I´m looking for a spare part for a 23 HT Aquador 2007. Is there a certin cataloge for interior parts i.e the plastic/acrylic stick that guides the cabindoor.

    Kind regards//Kenneth Ilvall

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    peter vd Berg (Saturday, 11 March 2023 13:45)

    Hello, i am looking for a owners manual of a Aquador 28C can you provide a copy of the manual for me?

    with freindly regards.

    peter vd berg