Sailor Outboard Motor Owner's and Repair Manuals PDF

On this page you can free download PDF manuals for Sailor outboard motors.

Sailor GM outboard maintenance manual
Sailor GM F 2.5

Sailor outboard motors are typical Chinese-made engines. Almost certainly they are replicas of American or Japanese engines. True, it is not known for certain which models they copy.


Sailor is one of the oldest companies in its market segment. Over the years, it honors the tradition of motor-building and does not change its principles of maintaining a stable price with an ever-increasing quality.



Features of Sailor Motors:

Without exception, all models of Sailor outboard motors have the following properties:

  • water cooling engines, which protects the motor from overheating and breakage. Thanks to water cooling, you can swim as much as you want without worrying about the engine overheating,
  • stopping line (also called emergency stop button). This is an indispensable security tool that can, in the event of an emergency (for example, a man overboard), independently silence the Sailor engine. This is very important, because a person who is overboard may be injured due to the indiscriminate movement of the boat,
  • before selling each Sailor motor is thoroughly checked, the level of technical fluids in the motor is evaluated, all important components are tested during operation,
  • maintenance of the Sailor engine will not be a daunting task for you: it can be provided even by a person who does not have a technical education,
  • if you have planned a long journey, then you can connect a fuel tank of greater than usual capacity to the motor.


Sailor engines - not the noisiest engines. But for the push-pull models characterized by sensitive vibration. A little less vibration in motors with a four-cycle operation. But the range of four-stroke engines is very limited. The manufacturer focuses on two-stroke engines.


Exhaust gas exhaust does not occur through the screw, but through the nozzle, which is located above the screw. Therefore, when swimming in shallow water, the exhaust may go not into the water, but to the surface. This may increase the noise of the engine.


There is a certain advantage of Sailor outboard motors, due to the unpretentiousness to the quality of gasoline. For those realities in which we live, when gasoline is not always of high quality, this property is very useful. The fuel system works fine even on gasoline of not very good quality. True, there is soot on the candles.