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Alliaura is one of the largest shipyards in France, founded in 1996 and uniting several popular brands, which made it possible to create a variety of yacht models. The main direction is limited editions of luxury motor and sailing superyachts and catamarans for long journeys.

 Since its establishment, Privilege Marine (Jeantot Marine) with the main base in Les Sables d'Olonn, whose history began back in 1985, has become the main shipyard of the company. Therefore, the production of Privilege sailing catamarans (40-72 feet) was one of the main lines of Alliaura . The creator of this series of reliable cruise catamarans, the priority qualities of which are safety and comfort, is Philippe Jeantot - the champion of single-person round-the-world races, who used all his nautical experience in designing, trying to create the most successful vessels for long sea voyages.

Alliaura Marine Owner's Manuals
Alliaura 52

Since 1996, close cooperation with Alliaura has brought the line of Privilege catamarans to a completely new level in the modern market, making it part of the top segment of serial sailing multihull and securing this brand in the world market among the best manufacturers of catamarans over 15 meters long. If we compare, for example, the cruise catamaran Privilege 745 with modern superyachts, then it is in no way inferior to them. Releasing new models of the Privilege line in the framework of cooperation with Alliaura, their creators did not in any way deviate from their main motto, providing for a combination of quality, accumulated experience in construction and enthusiasm for the process of creating new ships to conquer the sea. The highly skilled team of creators of the Privilege catamaran includes many professionals who have been working at the shipyard for more than 2 decades.

With the acquisition in 2007 of the shipyard Tresco Shipyard, which up to this point was already its main supplier of composite materials, Alliaura Marine gained a high-quality base with innovative technologies and original designs of new yacht models. The result of such close cooperation was the appearance of another new line of yachts of the shipyard - Tresco Line motor superyachts (length 24-31 feet) with steel / fiberglass hull, differing in speed and dynamism and becoming another hallmark of the company Alliaura.

Another brand direction of Alliaura is Feeling luxury cruise yachts (32-55 feet), which have a characteristic feature - the presence of a lifting keel, which allows you to cruise even in shallow water. Only boats of the British shipyard Southerly can compete in this. Speaking about Alliaura models, one cannot forget about the motor catamarans with powerful engines - Transcat (length - 48 feet), characterized by excellent stability and maneuverability.

Many famous design companies and architectural maritime bureaus take part in the construction of Alliaura boats, which allows you to create true masterpieces combining high quality design and innovative building technologies.

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