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Swedish company Cimco Marine has developed the world's first outboard diesel engine with 200 horsepower.

A diesel engine with the same performance as a gasoline engine is usually much more bulky and harder to adapt to marine conditions, but the Swedes managed to find a solution to these problems. The Oxe Diesel engine uses a belt drive system to transfer power to the propeller, which allows the engine to be suspended at an angle of 90 degrees from the standard location. This makes it possible to use a less bulky power unit.

The size of the Oxe Diesel is comparable to the same power gasoline two- and four-stroke outboard engines.


Its difference from gasoline counterparts is slightly lower idle performance and slightly lower throttle response, as well as greater weight. The advantages, however, outweigh the disadvantages: firstly, there is no need to bring containers with additional fuel, secondly, operating costs are reduced, and the time between them increases.

The fuel consumption with a wide-open throttle for the 200-horsepower Oxe Diesel is 43 l / h, while its equivalent 4-cylinder gasoline outboard engine eats 71 liters per hour, two-cylinder - 73 liters per hour.


The price of a new engine has not yet been announced. It is expected that it will be higher than the cost of the same characteristics of gasoline outboard engines, however, the manufacturer claims that the costs will be covered by savings in operation. According to Cimco Marine estimates, after 4 years of operation, engine maintenance will be spent five times less than what would have been spent on servicing the gasoline version.

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