MotorGuide Trolling Motor: Repair, Mount, Operation and Maintenance Manual PDF

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MotorGuide Xi3

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MotorGuide Electric Trolling Motors

MotorGuide outboard motors are manufactured in the United States, near the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma. MotorGuide electric motors are absolutely silent, comfortable and reliable, light and high-torque.

Motorguide electric motors are used on various types of vessels - inflatable rubber and PVC boats, aluminum, plastic boats and multi-seat boats. Motorguide are designed to operate in both freshwater and seawater, they are excellent for ponds with the prohibition of the use of gasoline engines, and for trolling - trolling. Motorguide electric motors are equipped with the latest electronics, multifunctional display, convenient tiller position adjustment mechanism.

The main advantages of MotorGuide motors:

  • low noise level and high level of environmental friendliness (odorless and smokeless);
  • small dimensions and low weight;
  • reliability, long service life of the motor and battery;
  • Silent control, smooth process of switching of speeds;
  • meager, almost equal to 0, operating costs;
  • the digital block is insulated, it is protected from moisture, heat, mechanical damage and corrosion;
  • the production uses only high-quality composite materials, metals and alloys;
  • The dealer network has extensive service support.