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Our site is a library of owner's, service and repair manuals for boat engines, we will try to collect the most complete information about all models of motors for boats. Already posted instructions for many outboard motors.

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Types of boat motors

On modern boats used two types of engines - gasoline (ICE) and electric.


Electric motors are lightweight and almost no noise, easier in construction and cheaper to operate. However, due to the fact that powerful electric motors would require too large batteries, they are produced at low power - up to 5 hp. (3677.5 watts).

In addition, depending on the capacity of the battery is limited duration of swimming.


Electric motors are usually used in water bodies where the use of gasoline engines is prohibited for environmental reasons or where excess noise is undesirable.

The power range of the internal combustion engine is much wider, they are enough even for operation on the most high-speed and heavy vessels. The sailing range is much higher than on boats with an electric motor. Such vessels can go into plane mode, which reduces fuel consumption. However, these models weigh more electric. In addition, they are more expensive both by themselves and in operation.

Engines differ in their purpose. There are classic outboard motors and auxiliary.


Classic - used as sources of the main course. It can be small motors for a single boat, and powerful ones for a large boat or yacht;


Auxiliary - used on fairly large ships as assistants for various maneuvers, turns, mooring and other similar cases. Drives have great power, enhanced gear. They can also be used as classic boat engines.