Flover Electric Outboard Motors: Instruction Manuals PDF

On this page you can find and free download instruction manuals and spare parts lists for Flover electric outboard: Flover 33 F, Flover 40 T, Flover 45 T, Flover 50 TG, Flover 55 TG.

Flover 50TG Instruction Manual
Flover 50TG
Flover Electric - Partlist.pdf
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Flover Instruction Manual
Flover Electric Outboard Motor Instruction Manual on RUS
Flover Electric Outboard Motor Instructi
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Flover electric outboard motor Parts List
Flover electric outboard motor Parts Lis
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Flover Electric Outboard Motor Pocket Guide PDF
Flover Electric Outboard Motor Instruction Manuals PDF on EN, FR, DE, IT, JP, KR, LV, LT, RU
Flover Electric Outboard Motor Pocket Gu
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Flover Spare Parts Code PDF
Flover Spare Parts Code.pdf
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FLOVER is a division of a large South Korean automobile concern, CSM TECH CO., LTD.


With its vast experience and knowledge base in electronic technology and the automotive industry, the FLOVER group has created electric outboard motors that meet the highest requirements and allow you to use them with complete confidence in any place and for solving any problems. Under the FLOVER trademark, outboard electric motors of high quality, of various capacities and in a wide price range are produced. Among the proposed models, you can choose and buy a boat outboard motor FLOVER for both river and sea vessels, yachts, boats or boats, for fishing or traveling.

Advantages of FLOVER boat electric motors

  • Small weight, small dimensions
  • Exceptional reliability and durability
  • Environmental cleanliness (CE certificate, production fully meets ISO standards), odorless movement, no smoke, no noise
  • Standard 2 years factory warranty, service center with a full set of spare parts
  • Very low noise. You will be able to move completely unnoticed!
  • The special design of the screw makes it almost impossible to wrap algae.
  • High strength transom engine mount
  • LED indication of battery level on most models


F - boat motors with a fixed handle;

G - the motor is equipped with a battery charge indicator;

S - motors intended for use in sea water;

T - motors with a telescopic handle.

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