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Scout Boats 175 Sportfish Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats 255 dorado Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats 255 LXF Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats 275 Dorado Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats 275 LXF Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats 275 XSF Owner Manual V3.pdf



Scout Boats 300 LXF Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats 350 LXF - Dick Simon Yachts Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats 380 LXF Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats Models 175 - 251 General Owner’s Manual.pdf



Scout Boats Owner’s Manual 275 Dorado for models 145-240.pdf



SCOUT BOATS - modern American boats

SCOUT BOATS is an American shipbuilding company that creates boats in Summerville. The shipyard is building ships for families, sports and fishing. The company offers four types of vessels: LXF, XSF / SF, Dorado and Bay Boat. SCOUT BOATS has a reputation as an innovator - the manufacturer makes extensive use of modern technologies and materials.


Boats at the shipyard are made from composites and polymers. Thanks to this, ships are created very quickly, and they get amazing strength. The buyer can assemble a boat for himself by choosing a hull and specifications. Some models have a dozen varieties - boats differ in engine power and other options.

The company also uses innovation to make it easier for the owner to steer the ship. Having bought one of the boats of this brand, the owner will not experience problems with management, because the system is intuitive. SCOUT BOATS have an original design. Outwardly, these are almost classic boats, but they also have their own characteristics.


Famous specialists worked on the design of ship models for the shipyard. Therefore, riding on any SCOUT BOATS ship gives an aesthetic pleasure. The products of this shipyard are durable - even old ships look like new. They do not lose performance over time.

Scout Boats 380 LXF owner's manual
Scout Boats 380 LXF
Comments: 5
  • #5

    David K (Tuesday, 05 December 2023 03:32)

    Hello, I inherited a 1995 Scout 162 Sportfish. I would like to have a manual if available.

  • #4

    JASON KEELEAN (Sunday, 02 April 2023 11:56)

    2006 282 sportfish looking to get a manual for this boat if still available

  • #3

    Santiago Pollero (Tuesday, 21 February 2023 13:18)

    Good morning, we are working with a client on the registration of his boat in Uruguay.
    The local authorities ask us for the construction certificate where it says the area authorized to navigate and the maximum number of passengers, is it possible to get a copy?
    The labels that were normally on the boat are not on this unit.
    attached information
    Thank you so much
    Astillero: Scout
    Modelo: 26’ Scout Sport Fisherman
    Año: 2006
    Bandera: USA
    # de casco: HIN #: SLPCF863G506
    Motor 1 - Yamaha F150TXR Outboard S/N: 1062401 - Gasoline - 2006
    Motor 2 - Yamaha F150XTR Outboard S/N: 1060194 - Gasoline - 2006

  • #2

    Brandon Knowles (Monday, 10 October 2022 14:26)

    Hello, I purchased a 2001 scout 177 sportfish and would like to have the owners manual and anything else possible that would assist me.

  • #1

    Scott Peebles (Thursday, 05 August 2021 18:08)

    do you have a wiring diagram or service PDF for a 1999 / 2000 Scout 177 FS