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Waukesha VHP Series Five Packaging Manual with ESM2 and AFR2.pdf



Waukesha VHP Series Four 7042GL/GSI Engine System Manager Operation & Maintenance manual.pdf



Waukesha VHP Series Four L5774 / L5794 / L7044 12-Cylinder With ESM Parts Catalog.pdf



Waukesha engines are used as generator sets or compressor and pump stations and can operate on a wide range of gaseous fuels: associated (including heavy), natural, trash and other types of gases such as propane, biogas, sewage gas, gas from organic waste. Gas piston generating sets, gas compressor systems, cogenerators and mechanical devices are produced in the range of power from 140 to 3250 kW.


Waukesha engines have a high resource until the first overhaul - up to 80 thousand hours. And the full engine resource exceeds 250 thousand hours. The company's specialists have access to all updates to the maintenance and repair manuals issued by the manufacturer, which allows high-level maintenance of the main models of manufactured modifications of Waukesha engines.

All modern Waukesha gas piston engines are equipped with a reliable and easy-to-operate Engine System Manager (ESM) control system, which includes elements such as ignition timing, turbocharger, speed, start-stop, knock detection, diagnostic tools, fault detection, etc. ESM optimizes engine performance and maximizes uptime.


To carry out diagnostic and repair work, on-site teams of specialists are formed. Repair teams are equipped with sets of measuring and repair tools and special devices that provide high-quality and high-performance work on disassembling the engine, troubleshooting parts, its repair and assembly.


Waukesha engines are reliable and economical. They are indispensable for long-term non-stop operation in severe weather conditions. At the same time, the plants operate in continuous operation up to 99% of the total time - they are stopped only for short-term preventive maintenance. And the rest of the time, service engineers can remotely control and diagnose the engine using automated control systems for monitoring the operation of the installation and fuel combustion, and transmitting data via RS232 channels, telephone, radio relay, and satellite channels.

Waukesha engine repair manuals pdf
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    Alvaro Fernandez (Wednesday, 27 December 2023 14:05)

    Por favor necesitamos localizar manual de reparación ( shop manual) del motor L7044 GSI con las especificaciones en cuanto a medidas y procedimientos . Nos pueden ayudar mi correo eserca.servicio@gmail. Com Gracias

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    Estimado, alguien cuenta con el manual de mantenimiento y operación L7042G. En español

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    we need manual assembly to L7044GSI engine and specifications.. Thanks

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    Need the electrical wiring diagram for a VS 900 DS

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    Where can I get the repair and maintenance manual for F817G

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    Where I can find the Repair and Overhaul Manual for Waukesha 3521 GSI engines?

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    Where can I find wiring diagram for L1661 engine and generator

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    where do I find serial number on our 4 cylinder natural gas engine so we can find a parts manual such as oil oil filter spark plugs

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