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In 1948, Howard Lund built his first aluminum duck-hunting boat. Since then, his boats have become famous throughout Minnesota. The secret of Lund's success was experience and skill - he worked at shipyards for a long time.


When the seller is from Inland Marine Corp. asked Howard for 50 aluminum boats, the Lund Boat Company took up the regular production of ships.


The shipyard began working in the same small town where Howard Lund - New York Mills was born.

In 1961, Howard reorganized the company into Lund Metal Craft, Inc. and expanded the range with fiberglass boats. With the acquisition of Shell Lake Boat, the shipyard became more versatile by launching a new line of boats for family and sports.


In fishing competitions, Lund boats have been trusted by several generations of US anglers.

Since its foundation, the shipyard, as well as its administrative office, has been located in the town of New York Mills, Minnesota, USA. About 600 people work in the production.


Boat hulls use aluminum 5052 H34, which offers the perfect balance between strength, weight, hardness and flexibility, as well as fiberglass for durability and reliability. In all of its boats, Lund uses closed cell foam. The shipyard provides a lifetime warranty on hull material.

The company produces fishing boats and boats with an outboard motor up to 7 meters long. The boats of the Baron, Sport Angler, Fury, Pro series are designed for family fishing, while the Adventure and Tyee boats are indispensable for sports.


All boats have a so-called SportTrak system, which allows you to install and move fishing rod holders, cup holders and brackets anywhere along the side of the boat. Similarly, the ProTrak system makes it easy to mount the boat cover from the outside of the sides.


Although the company uses fiberglass in modern boats, it is aluminum 5052 H34, which was originally used in the production of the first models, is still a hallmark of Lund boats.

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