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Beta Marine Beta 10 to Beta 115T Operator's Maintenance Manual.pdf



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Beta Marine offers a wide range of marine diesel engines with a heat exchanger designed specifically for installation on yachts and boats.


Beta Marine marine diesel engines are of excellent quality and affordable price.


All marine engines are equipped with a pump for pumping oil out of the crankcase and are very easy to maintain.

Small and medium marine engines are made on the basis of perfect Kubota diesel engines, providing smooth and low-noise operation at any speed.


The Beta 120 is based on the robust IVECO engine. In terms of the level of harmful gases emitted into the atmosphere, Beta Marine marine diesel engines comply with all current regulations and those that are still being planned for adoption.


They fully comply with the RCD directives (94/25 / EC and Supplement 2003/44 / EC) and EPA (American Environmental Protection Agency). Beta engines are manufactured in Gloucestershire, UK.

Features and components

  • Marine engines with a heat exchanger based on Kubota diesel engines.
  • Multi-cylinder design with high-inertia flywheel for a smooth ride.
  • Three-vortex combustion chamber providing low-noise operation, low toxicity of exhaust gases and excellent fuel combustion. Indirect fuel injection on models with power up to 75 liters. from. inclusive.
  • Gear-driven camshaft for increased reliability and easier maintenance: no chain or toothed belt needed.
  • Water-cooled exhaust manifold. A generator with a capacity of 45 A (small engines) or 65 A (medium engines), providing full power at cruising speed and a 12 V starter as standard.
  • Glow plugs for starting the engine at temperatures below 5 ° C.
  • Direct fuel injection on the BV3800 and Beta 120.
  • Type A control panel (small engines) or ABV (medium engines) as standard.
  • Durable paws and shock absorbers.
  • Technodrive, Newage RPM or ZF reverse gearbox (medium engines) with a 2: 1 gear ratio as standard. The rotation of the output shaft when moving forward clockwise, when viewed from the gearbox side.
  • Fuel filter and mechanical fuel pump.
  • Oil filter and pump for pumping oil out of the crankcase.
  • End brackets for control cables for gas and reverse.
  • The maximum permissible installation angle is 15 °, when rolling up to 25 ° (for Kubota engines).
Beta Marine diesel engines PDF manuals
Beta Marine Beta 45T
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