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Bennington Pontoon Owner's Manual
Bennington Pontoon Owner's Manual
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BENNINGTON Marine is an American shipyard located in Elkhart (Indiana). The company designs and creates pontoon boats from composite materials. It was founded by Steve Vogel in 1997.


By its example, the shipyard proves: any pontoon can be used for walking not only along rivers and lakes, but also on the sea. The shape of the hull, the light materials that are used for it, hydraulic control, the special placement of power plants - all this makes the boat stable and safe.


It is convenient to operate such a boat thanks to the hydraulic system, and it can accelerate to a speed significant for the pontoon.


The range of BENNINGTON vessels is represented by boats QX, Q, S, SX, R, G. All of them are suitable for small walks - for several hours or all day, fishing, water recreation. Each of them is able to withstand bad weather. On board can accommodate several people.


BENNINGTON Marine increases production from year to year. Most recently, in 2015, the company acquired the brand and assets of Nautic Global Group. Despite its small history, BENNINGTON is known in the USA and Europe, has a good reputation, and its boats can be seen far beyond America.

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