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Aluminum boats, characterized by increased reliability, durability, maneuverability and speed, have always been of interest to lovers of fishing, family travel, water sports. Such swimming facilities are unpretentious in operation, comfortable and convenient. Noteworthy products manufactured by the Finnish company Fiskars under the brand name Buster. These are the models of boats Buster Magnum, Cabin, as well as their modifications with the indices L, M, XL and XXL.

Fiskars, founded in the mid-17th century, has come a long and complex path of development. Today, a small enterprise has grown into an international corporation and has a positive reputation at the global level.


One of the main brands - Buster originates in 1976. Under this brand, the largest Finnish manufacturer in Europe produces boats and boats made of aluminum alloy. The first models were introduced more than 40 years ago and gained popularity due to safety, ease of use and long service life.

Although a little more than 150 people work in the production halls, the company since its founding has put on the market more than 130 thousand boats, most of which are still on the move today. A fifth of the total output is purchased by Finnish customers, and the rest is exported for the needs of Russian, Norwegian, Swedish and German customers.




The products of the Buster brand are classics of the shipbuilding genre, which is an example of a professional approach to the design and manufacture of small craft. Buster boats have proven that they can operate even in the most severe conditions.

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