Kubota diesel marine engines: owner's and operator's manual PDF


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Kubota 03 Series Workshop Manual.pdf



Kubota Beta 10, Beta 14, Beta 16, Beta 20 & Beta 25 Operation and Maintenance Manual.pdf



Kubota Beta 10, BZ482, Beta 16 (BZ602), BD722 & Beta25 (BD902) Parts List.pdf



Kubota Beta 43 to Beta 60 Spares List.pdf



Kubota BZ482 Manual Operation and Maintenance Manual.pdf



Diesel engines Kubota - high quality and reliability of operation

Kubota diesel engines surprisingly combine high performance, compact dimensions, light weight, simplicity of design and durability of the entire mechanism. It is difficult to find analogues with all of these advantages.


Kubota has been developing and manufacturing diesel engines for a long time. The various sizes and available capacities allow the use of Kubota diesel engines in a wide variety of areas, ranging from domestic needs to large-scale production projects. The tasks being solved are simply amazing. When choosing a Kubota diesel engine, it is worth considering the planned loads and the scope. It is imperative that the device operates for a long time and without failures.

The Kubota diesel engine differs from its analogues (see others engines) in the following aspects:

  • fuel economy;
  • instant start by electronic starter;
  • almost complete combustion of fuel in the working chamber;
  • environmental friendliness of the exhaust.
Kubota marine engines PDF manual
Beta 115T
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